Our Mission

"Go out to serve your Country and Countrymen."

Education is a life long process, but it must develop from firm and broad foundation We aim to nurture knowledge, aptitude , skill that foster the aspiration of excellence in learning and living.

The school has a  7 year long commitment  to excellence in education and provides a  disciplined and intellectually challenging environment.

Highly qualified and dedicated faculty  aims  at achieving best possible academic results with emphasis on all round development of the learners .

While nurturing all languages especially the role the mother tongue  plays in the life of a student, we believe that English as a medium of language is essential to prepare them for meeting the present day challenges in a globalised environment

We strive for high-quality English curriculum which helps to promote confidence, critical thinking, skills leading to the development of well-adjusted, adaptable and integrated personalities. We aim at offering comprehensive and holistic education.


Basic  tenet is to prepare children for life long learning and living.

  1. Learning is best in a structured disciplined and  challenging environment.
  2. High tech equipments and motivated  teaching faculty.
  3. Continuous improvement  of learning by all students through site based shared decision making
  4. School and home are jointly responsible in the learning of dynamics and help in meeting the unique needs of the students
  5. Effective learning  experience involves  the mental, social, physical, emotional, cultural dimensions of the students and prepares them as responsible learners.
  6. To inculcate a desire to excel at every level
  7. To equip the students with practical skills  necessary to meet the inevitable challenges in the future.
  8. To help the students develop their abilities and talents and discover talent to the fullest.
  9. Ethical and moral values to promote confidence and develop integrated  personalities


Education is not a commodity and payment of fee is no guarantee of ultimate success


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