The time a student spends in the school should enable him/her to acquire sound principles of conduct and action and lay a solid foundation of true and purposeful living when he/she attains adulthood. Principles of honesty, trust, cooperation, self reliance and hard work are inculcated through various school activities. In these activities the student learns to do things himself/herself under the guidance of coordinators. They are given the opportunity to see the practical application of the abstract ideas.


Provides an insight into the melange of inter school, intra school, zonal and state level competitions to be hosted and taken care throughout the academic session. Put forth the gazetted and National holidays and gives an update of all co-curricular activities.



Puts forward the vision and envisages the future targets as well as the achievements of the school. It is a brief summary of all significant happenings and keep the parents memory bank fresh.



A Number of activities are conducted under the guidance of the house coordinators/house mistresses, (Nalanda, Sanchi, Takshshila, Ujjain Houses) assisted by captains and vice captains appointed for various activities (dramatics, asembly, music, sports etc.)


A nominated body of students is appointed by the Principal in consultation with the coordinators and teachers. It functions under the Headmistresses and Physical Education Department looking after the discipline and co-curricular activities in the school.


School also has club system with experienced teachers as heads of respective clubs. Students are given an opportunity to choose a club of their choice based on their ability and interest. Some of the clubs are Environment club, Dramatics Club, Maths Club, Science Club, Debating Club, Social Awareness club, Sports club, Quiz club, Music club, Dance club, Computer club, Health club, Astronomy club etc.


Facilities are provided for the following : Athletics, Badminton, Basketball, Cricket, Hockey, Football, Hand Ball, Volley Ball, Aerobics, Gymnastics, Yoga, Table Tennis, Squash etc.
Students are encouraged to take part in supervised games in the morning and evening. The keen competition on the playground tends to develop sportsmanship. Achieving a high level of individual performance is commendable, fostering the spirit of team work is even more strongly insisted upon.

In addition to these clubs, the school has Music (vocal and instrumental), Dancing (classical and folk), Debates & Elocution and other extra-curricular activities.


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