Games & Sports

Sports form an integral part of the school routine and all students are expected to participate regularly in all activities of sports.

Every morning after prayers, the day begins with morning P.T. drill and later on they have a period for games. Hillwoods has a number of playing fields for basketball, baseball, volley ball, badminton, cricket, hockey and tennis. Besides this, students also play squash and snooker.

Experts and  qualified staff are incharge of games and physical education and the school is divided into four houses that play matches against each other, thereby developing a spirit of healthy competition, which inculcates in students the quality of sportsmanship.

Among the sports, special stress is  laid on athletics, particularly track and field events, including high jump, long jump, javelin-throw, shot-put, etc.

Since physical exercise is so essential for the maintenance of good health, yoga  is introduced from class I to strengthen both the mind and the body of the students. Aerobics is also taught to all children.

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